About King Forest Industries

In the past 40+ years our business has gone from a primitive operation to one of the largest Eastern White Pine wood product manufacturers in the country.

Its rich history and fortitude that we continually strive to bring new products, services and cutting edge technology to the wood products industry. We are driven to produce the most consistent products available. Quality control is of the utmost importance to us. You can be assured that King Forest Industries will do everything in its power to resolve any product quality issue that may arise. Our commitment to our customer is evident in everything we do.

At King Forest Industries our mission is to produce the finest quality specialty wood products on the market. We continually work to improve our existing product lines while developing new products to stay on the cutting edge of the wood products industry while providing a safe and stable work environment for our employees.

We continue to grow our business across all our divisions. Our personnel are industry veterans who share the same commitment to excellence and personal service that has become a hallmark of our company. The "can do" attitude is prevalent throughout the company. Our commitment to sustainable forestry is evident in every aspect of our business.

In January of 2012 King Forest succeeded in becoming SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative®) fiber sourcing certified to show our seriousness to the commitment to sustainability. As part of our commitment to SFI, we educated our employees, the community, land owners and our log suppliers in the importance of forest sustainability and what it means for our future. We limit our log purchases to loggers and suppliers who are also forest conscious and have committed to using BMP's (Best Management Practices) and responsible logging. We require our log suppliers to be PLP (Professional Logging Professionals) certified or in the process of being certified.

King Forest operates with a simple belief we need to stay a step in front of our customers and constantly ask ourselves what we can do to make ourselves and our customers more successful. Then we listen carefully to make it happen. We feel that listening is of great importance in business, not only to listen to our customers and what is being said in the industry but to listen to our employees too.