Planer Mill

With two complete planer lines (a 16 - knife A62 high production planer and a 10 - knife A20-12 finesse planer for the high quality patterns). All pattern stock is produced from a previously planed blank, providing a very flat product which is free from marks due to grit on the lumber. Each of the planer lines is equipped with a Wagner in line moisture meter which is constantly checking moisture levels in every board. If any board is out of the moisture limits, it will be pulled out and re-dried. This way our customers can count on the consistency of our product.

The first line features a Yates A62 sixteen-knife planer matcher with double profilers. This machine has hydraulic feed works for the planer and feed table. It is capable of high feed rates and high quality finish.

The second line utilizes a Yates A-20-12 ten-knife planer matcher with double profilers. Most of the pattern stock as well as log home timbers are run on this machine. Ample room to sort and package are available for both lines due to a major expansion of the planer mill building which was accomplished in 2006.

Bagged Shavings

A bi-product of our planer mill is dry bagged shavings. Our bagged shavings division puts out approximately 250 thousand bags of dry shavings annually. The consistency of dryness and being "chemical free" has made this product very popular. King Forest shavings bags are currently being shipped all over the country.

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