The sawmill has been designed with several re-saw options that allow a high rate of production of many different products such as 4/4 thru 8/4 and timbers all at the same time. We presently have 70 sorts which allow plenty of flexibility.

Our sawmill line starts with a 35" Valon Kone ring debarker and a HMC Rosser head debarker. Large logs proceed to a 7' Sanborn double-cut bandmill with a Cleerman lineal positioning carriage and a Lewis 3-D scanner

Smaller logs are sawn on a Cleereman linear carriage with a Lewis 3-D scanner.

Cants proceed to one of three secondary breakdowns. Some are processed by a 12" Comac gang, others proceed through a sash gang. Many are also resawn by a five-head Stenner band resaw.

Boards are scanned and edged by a PHL optimizing edger. Timbers are removed from the lumber flow through a bypass and all other lumber advances to a PHL trimmer optimizer after grading. Graded and trimmed lumber is then packaged by a PHL 70-bin sorting system and Moco automatic stacker.

Our sawmill production is in upwards of 30 million bf annually.

We utilize all by products of our operation. The sawdust that the sawmill produces is burned in the co-gen plant to produce the steam for the kilns which keeps the drying costs down. With $300,000 in recent upgrades and a capacity of 1.2 million board feet, our kilns are capable of drying any thickness we produce. We are continuously striving to make our business more eco-friendly.

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