Sustainable Forestry Initiative

In 2012, King Forest Industries received its SFI fiber sourcing certification. We developed and maintained a program that worked well for everyone. We learned a lot in those years. We shared our knowledge with our suppliers, the landowners and the community about sustainable forestry and the importance of community involvement in protecting the long-term health of New Hampshire forest.

As of October 18, 2020, King Forest has chosen not to renew our SFI certification. Our program will remain the same. We feel that our program works, and our beliefs have not changed. Why fix what isn't broken.

2020 has been a rough year for everyone. Most small businesses have had to make cuts to save money to remain open and running. SFI certification is one of those cuts we have chosen to make.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Land owners, click here for useful resources.

King Forest Industries Fiber Sourcing Policies

King Forest promotes sustainable forestry, certified and licensed woodlot management, conservation of critical wildlife habitats and the widespread use of Best Management Practices (BMP) by our log suppliers.

The following are policies that King Forest follows regarding purchase of wood fiber, for the use at its Wentworth, NH sawmill and production facility.

  1. King Forest will not, knowingly, purchase fiber which has been harvested as a result of illegal logging.
  2. King Forest will cooperate with landowners, enforcement officials and log suppliers to resolve any questions regarding illegal logging and related to fiber purchase by King Forest.
  3. Every active log supplier must agree to and sign a Log Supplier Procurement Agreement before shipping any logs to King Forest.
  4. King Forest encourages and supports the use of trained loggers and licensed foresters and other qualified professionals.
  5. King Forest will monitor the use of Best Management Practices (BMP) by its log suppliers.

NSF Certificate
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